In Celebration of Our 42nd Anniversary

Money Market Savings Account Promotion with Guaranteed Rates until 7/31/2024

For details, please contact Monterey Park Branch at 626-312-2080 ext. 213 or City of Industry Branch at 626-965-6230 ext. 137.



Personal / Business ACH (Automated Clearing House)

United Pacific Bank provides ACH origination service to customers who can initiate ACH (electronics transactions) to persons and companies within Untied States.  ACH can be either credit or debit transactions.

  • ACH credit transactions include direct deposit, payroll, interest payments and etc.
  • ACH debit transactions include external loan payments, payment dues and etc.
  • ACH advice available to customers

For Business customers, the new ACH Manager platform will be available soon. This new platform allows you to conduct transactions at your home office in a safe and secured environment.